It’s Time to “Build a Better Blog”

A Great Deal on the Content Planning Course by Suzan Czajkowski

Last month I had the pleasure of taking Suzan Czajkowski’s course “Building a Better Blog”, and WOW…just…WOW.

I knew immediately that this would be a great course for members of the Genealogy Website Builders community.

So I struck a deal $$$

Why This? Why Now?

I’ve heard you. You are eager to improve your website content. You are worried that you won’t be able to come up with ideas.

This 2-hour course will help us on that journey.

This course promises to enable you to

  • write your article faster
  • bring more value into your content
  • come up with topics more easily
  • increase your readership

Best of all, Suzan has agreed to offer GWB members this $47 course for only $10 during the month of August.

Why Suzan?

Suzan Czajkowski is a Marketing Consultant, Communication Coach, and creator of The Introverts Marketing Academy, and the author of The Introverts Tactical Guide to Digital Marketing. She covers a lot of material in a short period of time, but I never felt rushed. She helped me to look at my content and content planning process in a different way.

You can read more about Suzan here, and more about the course at

Why Isn’t This Course Free?

While most courses on Genealogy Website Builders are and will be free to members, this is not my course. After taking the course, however, I couldn’t help but try to make it available to GWB members.

To make the most of it, Hosting Subscribers can take advantage of the same deal as Premium and Premium Plus members.

$47 $10

Bonus: Special Q&A with Suzan

As a special bonus, if enough members signup for the course in August, Suzan has agreed to appear as our guest during a special GWB Q&A session (schedule TBD)

This is a great opportunity for Suzan to get to know us and answer questions about how these principles apply to genealogy-specific content.

Only registered students of the course will be invited to this special Q&A session.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

Just contact me and I will send you a special coupon code to use when signing up for the course.

Remember: this offer is available only during the month of August, and only to GWB Hosting Subscribers, Premium Members, & Premium Plus Members!

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  1. Yes, I want to take this course, Ed. Please sign me up! Let me know if this message gets through to you. My friend, Joan Bonner, sent your original post to me because I never got it and would have missed out on this great deal. I’m wondering if I’ve missed anything else?

    Susie Haenisch

  2. Hi. This is awesome. Sign me up! This is a great offer. How do we pay for our course? Thank you Ed for negotiating this for us.

  3. Hi Ed.

    I am sending you this email direct, as I don’t think you received the message I sent via the contact form on the webpage.

    I have forgotten my password but when I try to reset it, an email is never sent to do so.

    I have tried a few times.

    I have checked the spam folder.

    I would also like to take advantage of the ‘building a better blog’ offer, but cannot ask for a link because I am unable to log on!

    Please help.


  4. Ed, Question, I want to take the cours “Building A Better Blog and I am a hosting scriber, I have checked my emails and on my Genealogy Website Builders account but I do not see a link to pay for this class. Could you please email me with the link, thank you


  5. Hi Ed.
    Sorry to communicate with you on the public forum but I am not receiving any links from you. I have sent direct messages to but to no avail. Is this the right email to use? I don’t know what email you have for me and don’t know how to solve this without a direct way of communicating with you.
    All the best


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