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  • Demystifying WordPress for the Family Historian (eBook)


    In these 30+ pages, I hope to remove the fog surrounding building a website with WordPress and explain its various components in simple terms. 10 chapters of descriptive texts and illustrations prepare you for planning your own WordPress websites.

    This is not an instruction manual, but a tour of WordPress’ major features.

  • Demystifying WordPress for the Family Historian (Print)


    With over 10 years of experience managing my own WordPress websites, I wanted to clear away the fog that can surround WordPress for new users.

    This book takes you on a WordPress tour where we will ask.

    What is WordPress?
    How is WordPress a Family History Tool?
    What are WordPress Themes, Widgets, and Plugins?
    What is Gutenberg?
    What is the WordPress Media Library?
    Should I use Posts or Pages?
    And more…

    Glad you can join us!

  • WordPress Website Launch Workbook (eBook)


    20 plus pages taking you step by step thru the process of creating your WordPress website. Places to record usernames, important URL addresses, and even cost.
    Insights from an experienced WordPress user who has been where you are.