WordPress Website Launch Workbook (eBook)


20 plus pages taking you step by step thru the process of creating your WordPress website. Places to record usernames, important URL addresses, and even cost.
Insights from an experienced WordPress user who has been where you are.

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When I tried to set up my first website, I was surprised it worked at all. Setting up my first WordPress website was a little easier, but still a bit confusing.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Which password went to what? How do I get a domain name? Why couldn’t I see my website?

When it was done, I wasn’t sure what I did.

The process of setting up your own website can be daunting.

If you feel the same way, this workbook is for you. It will help you record the process of setting up your WordPress website step by step, with places to record important information.

I hope you find this workbook helpful as you begin your WordPress journey


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