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Why I Moved My Websites
to SiteGround for WordPress Hosting

  • I wanted Managed WordPress Hosting
  • I wanted Speed
  • I didn’t want to worry about  CPU or Memory 
  • I wanted a reasonable price $
  • I wanted better customer support

Disclaimer: I am now a SiteGround Affiliate and this site benefits if you use the link below.

I wanted it to just work!
[Customer service had] been OK – but just OK. I always felt [my old provider] was trying to get me out of their queue as quickly as possible.

Ed Thompson
Thank You for Your Patience

What do you want from Your WordPress Hosting Provider?

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WordPress Managed Hosting

According to SiteGround they will “take care of the WordPress updates, keep track of vulnerabilities and offer WAF protection and other security services, and build solutions that specifically offer WordPress performance and security boosts”.

Optimized for Speed

Several reviews I read indicated that SiteGround was in the top 10 performant hosting plans.

During the trial period I compared website speed against my previous provider and found the speeds to be competitive.

No Hardware Worries

Several of the hosting plans I reviewed let me save money by configuring the CPU power and memory allotment.

I didn’t want to have to answer the question, “how much is enough”?

Reasonable Price

Hosting plans are all over the place when it’s about the first year of hosting. I like to compare two years to get a better comparison.

I found SiteGround to be one of the most reasonably priced options for Managed Hosting.

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Excellent Customer Support

SiteGround migrated my WordPress sites from my old host to their servers for $30. They handled the migration quickly and professionally.

My communication with support since then has been professional as well.

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