Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin vs Google Recaptcha

What to do when everyone wants to take advantage of your website? 

Akismet anti-spam plugin and Google reCaptcha are tools to that protect your website. But which one is better? This article compares the two tools to determine which one is the best option for website owners. Keep reading to find out!

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

Akismet anti-spam plugin is a plugin that prevents spam comments from being left on websites. It does this by checking the ip address of the commenter, filtering out known spam words, and analyzing the comment’s content. This plugin is available for free on the WordPress website, and it helps to keep your blog clutter-free and moderation effortless.

What problem does Akismet solve?

Akismet works as an automatic spam moderator for sites using WordPress. It examines the content of comments and checks it against a stored list of known spam. The plugin detects spam comments on e-mail, blog posts, guest books, online polls, and mailing lists. Akismet filters out the most common forms of automatic and manual spamming activities with 99% accuracy while remaining inconspicuous to your site’s readership.

Should I pay for Akismet?

This depends on your website. Akismet is free for personal and non-business WordPress websites. However, commercial websites pay $5 per month, and large high-traffic websites pay $50 per month for Akismet enterprise.

Google reCaptcha

This tool helps to protect websites from abuse. It does this by verifying that the people submitting forms on your website are human beings, not bots. The plugin effectively protects your website from fraud and abuse by preventing bot attacks and spam submissions. reCaptcha is easy to use and can be integrated into any website.

What problem does reCaptcha solve?

Google reCaptcha solves the problem of automated website attacks, including filling your website comments with spam.

How does reCaptcha Work?

It works by checking all of your site’s comments against a list of known spambot phrases. It then determines if the comments posted are by a bot or not by requiring users to input two words from a scanned image before submitting a form. If so, they are marked as spam automatically.

Why is reCaptcha Free?

Google makes this tool available for free as its way of helping websites protect themselves from spam comments.  Of course, it is also a way for Google to collect data about website users.

It’s Not Really a Contest, You Need Both

The reason why we whould use Akismet anti-spam plugin and Google reCaptcha is that they offer double protection for a website. Akismet anti-spam plugin prevents spam comments from being left on your website by checking all comments against a database of known spam comments and then automatically marking any spam comments as such. Google reCaptcha prevents spam comments left by bots by asking users to prove that they are human.

However, the Akismet anti-spam plugin is often considered more effective because it has access to a broader range of spam data.

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