After Using Several Backup Solutions, This is Where I Ended Up

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I have been a WordPress hobbiest since before 2010. As my websites became more and more important to me, so did the need for high quality backups.

But what does quality mean when we talk about backup plugins? 

At only $42 a year (renewal), I have found UpdraftPlus to be an incredible value.

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What is being backed up?

WordPress has 2 main components: a database full of records, and files on a disk that contains the code.  If you add your own uploads, it’s actually 3 components.  Early on I kept copies of the database, but didn’t think about the files.  The first time I had to restore a WordPress website, I was able to put my database back in place, but ALL MY IMAGES WERE GONE.

Where are the backups stored?

Original WordPress backup plugins stored the backups on the same disk that the code was stored on.  That was fine if I was running my own server, but when I started using a hosting service, I would frequently run out of space.  Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the errors, and by the time I needed to restore a backup (and someday you will), the latest backup was out of date because there had been no space to store that last 3 months of data.

How easy is it to create a backup?

Have you ever loaded a new plugin or theme, only to discover that it messed up your website? I have.  The common wisdom is to backup your database every time you try something new, but if creating a backup is complicated it was very easy for me to skip it. Then what?

How does UpdraftPlus meet this challenge?

Many backup plugins can address all the challenges I have had in the past. Let’s talk about how UpdraftPlus accomplishes it.

…and for only $42 a year.


UpdraftPlus backs up everything – files, uploads, and the database.

It even includes database tables that are not part of WordPress, if you want.


I use UpdraftPlus’ cloud feature to store my backups on Dropbox.
UpdraftPlus also supports GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud, and more.


When I want.
That means on a schedule, or when I click a button.

It evens asks me if I want a backup every time I try to install a plugin or theme.

Ready to Check It Out?

What finally pushed me to buy?

This won’t matter to everyone, but if you run a multisite instance of WordPress (one WordPress instance, many separate websites), you know that many backup solutions just can’t handle multisite.  If they DO support multisite, its usually all or nothing – you can’t restore one website without restoring them all.

According to the UpdraftPlus website:

  • [UpdraftPlus is] Compatible with WordPress Network / Multisite installs.
  • Backup/restore control panel is placed in the network dashboard.
  • Restore individual sites within the network (without having to restore all sites).
  • Import single site installs into the network.

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